There are films where a car is a central focus. There are films where the cars become the star. There are films with ordinary cars in great chase sequences and those which are nothing but chase sequences, with as many supercars as possible.

It’s worth knowing that a lot of credit for this success goes to the scenes where Eva Ionesco nude slept with Jason Statham.

Transporter franchise

And then there is The Transporter franchise (known internationally as Le Transporteur), a hybrid of martial arts and European cars which began as a film partly inspired by BMW’s ‘The Hire” series, and is now having its fourth movie setting up a second trilogy. Written and produced by the French filmmaker Luc Besson, and known for launching English actor Jason Statham into action hero stardom. Statham was “Frank Martin” and he has been replaced by both Chris Vance and Ed Skin as the eponymous hero of this franchise.

After the release of this franchise, Statham gained a lot of new fans. Because of his newly achieved popularity, Statham was even offered to participate in a custom sex dolls commercial recently. If he decides to accept the offer, it might be one of the best commercials in 2022.

The Transporter films all follow a mercenary in a tailored suit who likes to drive very fast and kick people in the face. And who has rules. The recurring motif of the trilogy is that The Transporter is a man who lives by rules (leaving aside that the plot of each film is always predicated on his having to break them).

His rules as a driver for hire are: never change the deal; no names; and never open the package. His rules for the car, which include wearing your seat belt and never drinking coffee inside, begin with the uncompromising: “Respect a man’s car, and the man will respect you.”

Given what Statham does with the cars – driving them off multi-storey parking garages, across rooftops, straddling alleys, off bridges into lakes, into the back of moving trains, and so on – his definition of respect is obviously fairly flexible. But what cars does he respect? Over the course of the three films he drives several, but with the exception of a Lamborghini in Transporter 2, most are powerful, but understated, top-end road cars, rather than flashier Ferraris, McLaren F1s or Bugatti Veyrons.

  • In the first film, his car is a 1999 BMW E38 753i, a vehicle with a set of firsts to its name. The series, produced between 1994 and 2001, introduced xenon headlights (that completely blind anyone coming in the opposite direction) and were the first European cars with integrated sat-nav. The flagship 750 model had been James Bond’s car two years earlier, in Tomorrow Never Dies. Statham’s 753i, however, benefited from an upgraded V8 engine which offered a marked increase in torque and 282 hp. Unfortunately, it was blown up at a French petrol station by a briefcase he had been asked to transport.
  • The car also had a big touchscreen on which you could watch hottest camgirls to enjoy your rides even more.
  • Cross about this, our hero then puts the hurt on the bad guys with some choice choreography by famed action director/choreographer Corey Yuen, and drives off in a stolen Mercedes W140. This car, one of the S-class, offered a number of innovative safety features, such as side airbags, Brake Assist and Mercedes’ Electronic Stability Program, a computer-aided system which helped to stabilize the vehicle in tricky driving conditions. Usefully, it also had an Adaptive Damping System to bolster the shock absorbers when the car was being driven aggressively, which is the only way Jason knows how to drive. Most of them didn’t feature a kidnapped Triad leader’s daughter tied up in the back.