5 Best Cars For Beginners and Young Drivers

What to look for in a first car

If you are thinking about buying a new home, contact a mortgage broker in Los Angeles and he will find the best solutions for you. But if you are a young driver and you are thinking about buying a new car for yourself, there is some advice. On the other hand, if you prefer nature and prefer to ride a horse, you shouldn’t forget saddle blankets.

One of the biggest obstacles to driving is sky-high insurance costs. As a new driver, your lack of experience will count against you in the eyes of an insurer. If you can keep out of trouble for 12 months, you will accrue a no-claims discount, giving you a percentage reduction on your premium. And if you continue to not make any insurance claims, then this discount will only grow over the years. There are even finance deals that include free insurance, although this usually raises the monthly payments drastically. If you still don’t have money for a new car, you can always try these in a rent a car shop and see what fits you.

Here we’ve listed 5 of the best new cars for new drivers. They are good for beginners, helping them be safe. They are not too big but rather perfect.

1. 2018 Honda Civic

While the Civic is small, it still packs a pretty good punch especially if you are buying a first car. There are a few engine options for the first-time car buyer with both the 2.0-liter model and the 1.5-liter version providing excellent bang for your buck in terms of fuel economy. The turbo version predictably has a lot more power.

Many users like that the Civic has a comfortable ride for the driver and passengers due to its excellent handling and spacious interior. The only small drawback seems to be the low design of the car itself – it isn’t always the easiest to get in and out, even for young legs.

2. 2019 Chevrolet Cruze Premier Sedan

The latest incarnation of the Chevrolet Cruze as the Premier Sedan is not only one of the safest cars for teens, it’s also a great option for those looking at cars for first-time drivers that want a good-looking vehicle with all mod cons. The Sedan and the hatchback have had their looks updated, which has extended to the interior with some great new technological features and anti-collision features that will keep parents happy. These include automatic emergency braking and active lane control.

It’s a compact car that feels roomy on the inside, even for the back seat passengers. Additionally, handling is not only smooth but very secure.

3. 1999-2006 Toyota Celica

The Toyota Celica sub-compact sports car is quick, fun to drive, reliable, and offers a surprising level of utility. Powered by either a 140 or 180 horsepower four-cylinder engine, the Celica’s spirited performance does not diminish its high fuel economy ratings.

Toyota Celica GT-S 2004

4. 2019 Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza is an incredibly functional and fuel-efficient car for first-time car buyers. While not an SUV, which is often what teens may want when buying their first car, the Impreza still manages to handle much like one and it provides parents with some comfort as it is one of the most dependable cars out there, in any weather, given its All Wheel Drive.

Another attractive feature is simply how quiet the drive of the Impreza is on any road. Plus, it is very spacious inside, even for back seat passengers plus it has a very roomy boot. On the negative side, the engine is not particularly powerful, but it can still accelerate and at a decent pace and it offers excellent fuel economy – especially when you consider it is an all-wheel drive.

2019 subaru impreza

5. Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso | Maruti Suzuki BS4 Offers
Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

Starting the list with our favorite automaker – Maruti Suzuki. MSIL launched the S-Presso in October 2019 and the Indian audience has shown great interest in this micro-SUV. S-Presso currently rivals the Renault Kwid in the Indian market. You get a decent design with a really great and efficient engine. The S-Presso comes feature-packed inside the cabin which will make every journey a memorable one for first-time buyers.

If you are a young driver and a young parent, we remind you to bring changing pad cover for your baby. In this way, you will protect the interior cleanliness of your car. But, anyway, you should have

But you need to keep your car clean regularly so you can rely on commercial cleaning Manassas.

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