Ways to Smoke Dabs

Shatter, buds, and wax — the realm of marijuana concentrates is oh-so-fun to explore. To make the most benefit from these potent and concentrated extracts it is essential to learn to smoke one dab.

In essence, smoking dabs involves heating the concentrate until its vapor level and then inhaling those vapors to take into the mix of terpenes and cannabinoids. As long as you adhere to a few basic pointers, there are several ways of smoking dab.

How do I smoke Dabs using the help of a Dab Rig?

Of all the methods to smoke dab, dab rigs are the most popular method. You can choose between either a traditional dab rig setup or one that has an electronic nail (electric nail).

Standard Dab Rig

The most popular way to smoke dabs is through a simple dab rig. You can find a range of fancy setups, however, these units tend to offer the same components which include a chamber that houses water, a mouthpiece to inhale and exhale, a dome to contain steam and heat, and an instrument to heat the dab.

To make use of a dab rig take the dome off, then heat the nail, put it back in the dome, apply your dab onto the nail with a dabber or dab tools, and then inhale. Most people will use an accessory cap for carbs over the dome in order to limit the flow and heat of vapors even further.

Electric Dab Rig

The electric dab rig works exactly the same way as a regular dab rig but it has one distinct advantage it makes use of electricity to heat up the metal nail, meaning you don’t have to warm it manually. One advantage of using an electric dab machine with an e-mail is the fact that you have greater control over temperature.

When you are using some concentrates, such as THC oils, it is essential to ensure a steady temperature to ensure the terpenes present in the concentrate. You also want to avoid bad flavors. But, an exact temperature regulation makes e-rigs an excellent choice for concentrates such as live resin or Terp sauce.

How to smoke Dabs without a Dab Rig

T-Wax (rolled into a joint)

T-waxing is one of the most popular methods to smoke dabs even though it’s messy. If you’ve got some great buds and a quality concentrate, you’ll need to add a small amount of your concentrate to your marijuana when rolling an e-cigarette. This is especially effective when you use some of the thicker concentrates including budder and sugar wax. Concentrates that are thin like RSO oils could make it very difficult to achieve decent combustion once you’ve lit.


Vaping concentrates is an easy task to accomplish if you’ve got the right setup, and offers one of the best ways to smoke dabs on the go. You will need a vaping setup with a separate, separate atomizer as well as a battery so that you are able to easily put your dab onto the atomizer (heating coil). The trick is to determine the ideal temperature for the concentrate to become vaporized, which is why you’ll require a vaping setup that gives you a controllable temperature.

Other vaping methods aside from “vape pens” include the cannabis vaporizers made specifically for concentrates. These vaporizers work well for people who do not like cartridges and prefer different types of concentrates in addition to those who would like to take their cannabis on the go.


A healthstone is a specially made stone that you can put inside the bowl of a bong or in a regular pipe. The stone is porous, meaning that the smoke from a fired dab travels through the stone, down the bong or pipe, and then out by way of the mouthpiece. The stone is simply added to your bowl, then heat your healthstone to a suitable temperature, add the dab you want to smoke, then puff, and enjoy.

Hot-Knife Method

If you’re not able to find anything else at hand, the hot-knife method is the simplest, simplest way to enjoy a dab. It is basically heating a knife made of steel on the stove or using a torch lighter, placing your dab on the hot surface, and smoking the vapors with a straw. This method can involve a lot of waste and could be hazardous because you must take care not to burn your hands, however, it’s effective in a pinch.