Things Old People Do for Fun

Although”fun” in the sense of “fun” may be the same for all people young and old, the definition of “fun” is certainly a matter of taste, experience, and maturity.

Though your idea of fun may change dramatically as you age, however, there are not many activities that are not permitted to those in good health, but despite that, the majority of older people desire an easier pace and social element to what they do for fun.

Here are some great and fun ideas for seniors to take part in:


There are many activities like art and writing that almost require a mature or at least mature eye or voice to communicate something valuable in the eyes of the public. Some of the most famous, highly successful writers didn’t begin their writing careers until they were in their 60s and beyond therefore if you’ve not attempted to use pen and paper and create something for readers, you’re fine.

Laura Ingalls Wilder is a now-famous author who didn’t record her experiences in writing until she was 65 years old and Frank McCourt didn’t record his experiences as an impoverished child until he turned 66. If you have a story to tell you, perhaps it’s time to get it out on paper. You can also journal for fun, create a blog, or even try to publish your work.


If you’ve not yet picked up a pencil or a paintbrush to create a piece of artwork, it’s never too late to try. Many senior citizens over time have discovered hidden talents that they didn’t have time to discover when younger.

Grandma Moses, for example, changed the face of art when she began painting in her late 70s, to illustrate her childhood on the farm. After a lifetime of drawing, Paul Cezanne didn’t have any breakthrough as an artist until his 50s or 60s, and the artist Bill Traylor started sketching when he became homeless at age 85, producing over 1,000 pieces of art during his life.


It doesn’t matter if take on the role of an actor for a local theater or whether you gather a group of friends to go out for a meal and entertainment at a local dinner performance on a regular basis! You can support the local theater scene by volunteering on lighting and sound, or by simply purchasing tickets on a regular basis to attend performances. Theaters are in constant need of help of one sort or the other, so being present on stage or in the audience will be welcome definitely. The theater is a great opportunity to test new ideas and socialize with your friends.

Go to the Local Senior Center

Go to the nearest senior center to see the kinds of entertainment choices available to customers. The seniors’ center is a great spot to meet people who are in your same age group and have similar interests. You may even decide to eat meals frequently just to socialize or enjoy scheduled special events! Along with fun events, the majority of senior centers and centers for assisted living costa mesa offer health screenings and other essential services for seniors within areas they support. If you’ve got a specific talent, for instance, a nursing or nutrition diploma it is possible to contribute your expertise as a resource to the seniors there. It’s a way to provide an outlet to improve your skills and contribute something valuable to the local community.